mzML 1.1.0 Specification


From 2005-2008 there existed two separate XML formats for encoding raw spectrometer output: mzData developed by the PSI and mzXML developed at the Seattle Proteome Center at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB). It was recognized that the existence of two separate formats for essentially the same thing generated confusion and required extra programming effort. Therefore the PSI, with full participation by ISB, developed a new format called mzML by taking the best aspects of each of the precursor formats to form a single one.


mzIdentML is one of the standards developed by the Proteomics Informatics working group of the PSI.

For general information of the activities and the organization of this working group see HERE.

TraML 1.0.0 Specification

The HUPO PSI Mass Spectrometry Standards Working Group (MSS WG) has developed a specification for a standardized format for the exchange and transmission of transition lists for selected reaction monitoring (SRM) experiments. This specification has now completed rigorous review with the PSI document process and is complete. Please email the list psidev-ms-dev@lists.sourceforge.net with your questions, comments, and suggestions.

TraML Development Timeline

(updated 2013-04-22)