The Minimum Information About a Proteomics Experiment (MIAPE)

Reporting guidelines for proteomics

The context-sensitive nature of transcriptome, metabolome and proteome data necessitates the capture of a richer set of metadata (data about the data) than is required for basic genetic sequence, where usually knowing the organism of origin will suffice. The use of paper citations as proxies for actual metadata hinders the reassessment of data sets, and obstructs non-standard searching (e.g.

MIAPE Documents

This page provides direct access to the MIAPE guidelines documents. General information about MIAPE and related publications can be found at psidev.info/miape.

In addition to the guidelines documents themselves, a number of accompanying files are provided during the submission of a MIAPE document to the PSI document process. They can include implementation examples. Some of them can be found here.