Quality Control Working Group Charter

Submitted: 2018-04-19

Revised: 2023-04-19

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1.Administrative Section


Status (New/Update): Update


Group Name:

HUPO PSI Quality Control Working Group (PSI-QC WG)


Chair (with affiliation and current email address):

David L. Tabb (dtabb@sun.ac.za)


Co-Chairs (1 or 2) (with affiliation and current email address):

Mathias Walzer (walzer@ebi.ac.uk)

Wout Bittremieux (wbittremieux@health.ucsd.edu)



Wout Bittremieux (wbittremieux@health.ucsd.edu)


Other officers (optional) (with affiliation and current email address):

Web site Maintainer(s): Mathias Walzer (walzer@ebi.ac.uk)

MaxQuant liaison: Chris Bielow (Chris.Bielow@fu-berlin.de)


Mailing list




2.Description and objectives


Focus and Purpose


The PSI-QC working group is composed of academic, government, and industry researchers, software developers, journal representatives, and instrument manufacturers. The main goal of the PSI-QC working group is to define a community data format and associated controlled vocabulary terms, facilitating data exchange and archiving of mass spectrometry derived quality control metrics.

Current projects of the PSI-QC working group are:

  • The mzQC format, which is emerging as a standardized JSON format for the exchange, transmission, and archiving of quality control metrics derived from mass spectrometry.
  • Controlled Vocabulary development: controlled vocabulary terms are developed in common with the PSI-MS and PSI-PI groups.





  1. submit a perspective manuscript to a journal in the field to announce the PSI-QC WG √ (PubMed link)
  2. analyze and revise the mzQC format for submission to the PSI document process √ 
  3. re-evaluate the CV terms used for mzQC, and consolidate the location for these terms in light of the existing PSI-MS CV √ 
  4. establish the revised mzQC format and associated CV terms as a HUPO-PSI standard by submitting the standard to the PSI Document Process √ 
  5. provide and support relevant software libraries to support the developers to integrate mzQC into software for handling MS data
  6. provide use-case solutions for end-to-end QC with mzQC (target MS based *omics end-users)