PSI-MI TAB 2.8 (update)

1.) Original submission (for public and invited review)

An updated specification document of PSI-MI TAB (version 2.8) has been submitted to the PSI document process.

Aims of format and update: The ability to display molecular interactions in a single, unified PSI-MI XML format represented a milestone in the field
of molecular interactions. A tab-delimited format, MITAB, has proven more suitable for users requiring a simple, human-readable configuration.
Implementation of these standards by all leading molecular interaction databases has considerably contributed to data exchange, representation
and comparison. PSI-MI TAB format and PSI-MI controlled vocabulary have been extended to include additional terms representing aspects of causal interactions
for the representation and dissemination of signalling information. PSI-MITAB 2.7 has been extended by adding four more columns allowing the description of
signalling data and, therefore, updated to the new PSI-MITAB 2.8 version.

The proposed document version 2.8.0 DRAFT went through a 30-day public comments and external review phase until August 9th, 2021 (was delayed, because it was difficult to find reviewers). At least questions / comments of reviewers 2 and 3 will be send to them again for re-review.

Specification document and CV terms: attached to this website (see below)
Use case example: attached to this website (see below)

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