MAGETAB and SDRF for Proteomics

MAGETAB and SDRF for Proteomics in DocProc [handling editor: Sylvie Ricard-Blum]

A specification document for a sample metadata annotation of proteomics experiments has been submitted to the PSI document process.

This document provides information to the proteomics community about a proposed standard for sample metadata annotations (for instance, to be used in public repositories) called Sample and Data Relationship File (SDRF), as part of the MAGE-TAB Proteomics format.

After having passed a 30-day review of the PSI steering group with subsequent changes, the revised document version 1.0 DRAFT now goes through 60-day public comments and external review phase until June 30th, 2021.

Specification document: HUPO_PSI_MAGETAB_Proteomics_1.0_Draft.docx

Use case examples and development background: further information, including any updates to this document, implementations, and examples is available at

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for example regarding the following criteria:

- That the specification is presented in accordance with the templates and is clearly written.

 - That it is sufficiently detailed and comprehensively describes the necessary and sufficient explanation of the specification.


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Sylvie RICARD-BLUM - PSI Editor