Quality Control Working Group Charter

Submitted: 2016-06-27

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1.Administrative Section

Status (New/Update): New 

Group Name:

A group name should be reasonably descriptive or identifiable.  Additionally, the group must define an acronym (maximum of 8 printable ASCII characters) to reference the group in the PSI directories, mailing lists, and general documents.  The name and acronym must not conflict with any other PSI name and acronym.

HUPO PSI Quality Control Working Group (PSI-QC WG)


Chair (with affiliation and current email address):

David L. Tabb, Stellenbosch University, South Africa (dtabb@sun.ac.za)

Co-Chairs (1 or 2) (with affiliation and current email address):

Mathias Walzer, Universität Tübingen, Germany (walzer@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de)

Stefan Tenzer, Gutenberg Universität, Germany (tenzer@uni-mainz.de)


Wout Bittremieux, Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium (wout.bittremieux@uantwerpen.be) 

Other officers (optional) (with affiliation and current email address):

Editor(s): Stefan Tenzer, Gutenberg Universität, Germany (tenzer@uni-mainz.de)

Minimal Reporting Requirements Coordinator(s): Weimin Zhu, Beijing Proteome Research Center (wmzhuworld@gmail.com) and Reza Salek, European Bioinformatics Institute (reza.salek@ebi.ac.uk)

Ontology Coordinator(s): Martin Eisenacher, Ruhr-Universität

Web site Maintainer(s): Mathias Walzer, Universität Tübingen, Germany (walzer@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de)


Mailing list


 2.Description and objectives

Focus and Purpose 

The PSI-QC working group is composed of academic, government, and industry researchers, software developers, journal representatives, and instrument manufacturers. The main goal of the PSI-QC working group is to define a community data format and associated controlled vocabulary terms, facilitating data exchange and archiving of mass spectrometry derived quality control metrics.


Current projects of the PSI-QC working group are:

- The qcML format, which has been developed as a standardized format for the exchange, transmission, and archiving of quality control metrics derived from mass spectrometry.

- Controlled Vocabulary development: controlled vocabulary terms are developed in common with the PSI-MS and PSI-PI groups. 


- Goal 1: submit a perspective manuscript to a journal in the field to announce the PSI-QC WG (~3 months)

- Goal 2: analyze and revise the already published qcML format for submission to the PSI document process (~6 months)

- Goal 3: re-evaluate the CV terms used for qcML, and consolidate the location for these terms in light of the existing PSI-MS CV (~6 months)

- Goal 4: adapt the already published jqcML library to handle the updates to qcML and the CV terms; implement validation (~6 months)

- Goal 5: implement qcML output from several freely available quality metric tools (e.g., QuaMeter, OpenMS) (~8 months)

- Goal 6: establish the revised qcML format and associated CV terms as a HUPO-PSI standard, by submitting the standard to the PSI Document Process (~9 months)