mzQuantml in DocProc (revised version 1.0.0_rc3) [acting handling editor: Pierre-Alain Binz]

The initial mzQuantML specifications were submitted to the PSI process in Nov 2011, as a version 1.0-rc1 release. External reviews were received and acted upon. An internal rc2 release was made, and a manuscript describing the rc2 release, submitted in parallel for (potential) journal publication. Here we report the re-submission of the mzQuantML version1.0-rc3 release, which, it is hoped, will be accepted as a stable standard, and moved to version 1.0 final status shortly. After this point, the specification documents and mapping file will be fixed to allow implementers to build import and export functionality into their software.

The resubmission of the version1.0.0-rc3 has been evaluated, has addessed the issues expressed during the review process. The changes are considered minor. The mzQuantML standard is accepted as version 1.0.0 as of Feb 20, 2013. The full documentation of the released version 1.0.0 is available here.


The 1.0.0_rc3 release comprises the following resources: