mzQuantML 1.0.1 in DocProc [handling editor: Martin Eisenacher]

A modififed specification of the mzQuantML recommendation document was submitted to the PSI document process including the encoding of SRM quantification results. After careful consideration and discussion with the submitters I think it is minor and therefore version 1.0.1 (if you disagree, especially if existing software is made incompatible, please give me a note).

Please review the updated specification document below WITHIN TWO WEEKS and send any corrections or comments until April 12th to the handling editor martin.eisenacher<AT>

The original version 1.0.0 (incl. SRM rule file and example under development for 1.0.1) can be found HERE.

The 1.0.1 draft specification document together with a DIFF doc to 1.0.0 is attached below.