HUPO-PSI meeting 2017


Please see the preliminary agenda, all suggestions welcome! Topics include

  • New: For the first time, we'll have a poster session. Please see "Practical Information".
  • Quality control: qcML
    Phoenix main hall
  • Proteogenomics formats
  • proXI: proteomics eXpression Interface
  • Privacy and Proteomics Data
  • Completing the human interactome
  • Evaluation of network analysis¬†tools
  • IMEx - how can you contribute?

Practical information

Please see the practical information, in particular visa aspects! 


Registration deadline is April 1, 2017. However, if you need a visa, we need your
complete registration by February 15, 2017!


Registration for the HUPO-PSI Spring meeting 2017 is now open,please click here.


The HUPO-PSI Spring meeting 2017 is supported by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), UK, and the National Center for Protein Sciences, Beijing, China.